Week To Wicked 1967 Nova Build

In this Week To Wicked build, we are partnering with HOT ROD Magazine and Duralast Parts to take our stock 1967 Chevy Nova up a notch. We’ll be throwing the best parts the automotive aftermarket has to offer at this little Chevy II Nova to turn it into a serious Pro Touring style Restomod.

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The format is simple: we’ve got one week to strip down the Nova and build it back up with all-new goodies. The beating heart of the Pro Touring Nova will be an LS3 backed by a Bowler six-speed manual.

Then, underneath, CPP’s Deluxe Mustang II IFS kit will go up front and for the rear, a Currie Pro-Touring 9-inch Rearend and all of CPP’s best rear suspension products like the Dropped Narrow Leaf Spring Kit, Street Trac Traction bar and more. The final touches will be a set of American Legend wheels wrapped in Falken Tires and, inside, modern gauges from Dakota Digital paired with a Vintage Air climate control system.

Day One

The guys hit the ground running on day one by completely tearing down the stock 1967 Nova and preparing it for the new parts. Once the crusty old components were removed, they got straight to work installing the CPP Deluxe Mustang II IFS Kit that includes CPP’s 13” Big Brake Kit and a fully upgraded Double Adjustable Coil Over kit. Tying into the front subframe, they also installed CPP’s Tubular Subframe Connectors to minimize chassis flex.

Steering would be taken care of by a CPP Mustang II Power Rack and Mustang II Modular Drop Spindles. Out back, they installed the Narrow Leaf Spring Kit along with CPP Street Trac Traction Bar Kit to help put the power down and 9” Rear Big Brake Kit with 12” Rotors. Finally, a CPP High Clearance Front Sway Bar Kit and High Clearance Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Kit were installed to help keep the Nova planted in the corners.

Day Two

We’re now two days into the 1967 Nova Week to Wicked build and the teams from CPP and HOT ROD Magazine are making remarkable progress. Let’s hope it continues to go this well the rest of the week!

For day two the guys tackled the job of making all the brake hard lines and installing CPP’s Black Finish Aluminum Gas Tank, supported by our Fuel Line Kit with FiTech Fuel Filter Regulator. Then things started to get even more exciting when the guys realized they had time to drop in the new LS3 engine and Bowler six-speed transmission!

To make the process of bolting in the drivetrain a breeze, they chose to use CPP’s LS Adjustable Engine Mounts in conjunction with the LS Adjustable Fit Rite Trans Crossmember. With so much progress made by day two, the guys decided to call it a night at a reasonable time, ready to get back at it again for day three.

Day Three

The third day came and went in a flash, with the guys moving on to focus on a bunch of smaller aspects of the build today—smaller, but no less important we might add. One of the biggest little parts of day 3 involved installing CPP’s HydraStop Street Beast Kit on the firewall of the 1967 Nova.

To button up the whole braking system, the guys also tackled the job of installing the E-Stopp electric parking brake using CPP’s mounting brackets. The E-Stopp found it’s home neatly tucked away in the trunk, mounted behind the rear seat. Also in the truck, the guys dropped in the battery using CPP’s Stainless Battery Mount. One of the last jobs tackled on day three was dropping in the new Ididit Retrofit Tilt Floor Shift Steering Column below a set of modern gauges from Dakota Digital.

Day Four

Four days in and still going strong, the teams are moving right along towards their goal of big smoky burnouts by the end of day five. The points of progress for day four included plumbing the HydraStop Power Brake unit, installing the adjustable Lokar shifter on the Bowler six-speed, and bolting in the front core support and radiator.

Then, with close attention to detail, they worked together to re-fit the front fenders. Finally, a set of LED taillights from United Pacific were installed followed by our custom-made overflow coolant reservoir. With one day left now, only time will tell if the guys will be able to knock out the rest of the build and actually get the 1967 Nova fired up by the end of day five!

Day Five

You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun, and boy did time fly this week. Our guys from CPP along with the HOT ROD Magazine team killed it on the Week To Wicked 1967 Nova build. Day five was certainly a race to the finish with a lot of tasks to accomplish in a short amount of time.

With CPP’s LS Headers as the foundation, they put together the rest of the exhaust system before moving on to final assembly of the front bumper, grille and headlights. Then, after three long days, the guys finally wrapped up the wiring which would bring light to all the Dakota Digital gauges and power to the FiTech EFI management.

Once all the fluids were filled, it just took a little tinkering with the EFI to get the 6.2L LS3 to fire up for the first time. The final touch was a set of American Legend Cruiser wheels wrapped in brand new Falken Azenis RT660 tires.

But those tires didn’t last long, as Tech Center Manager Jason Scudellari promptly pulled the 1967 Nova out into the parking lot for what had to be the biggest burnout in Week To Wicked history—a fitting end to this seriously wicked build.

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