CPP Now Offers Viking Berserker Series Triple Adjustable Shock Upgrade

If you haven’t figured it out yet, shocks play a key role in the ride quality and handling performance of any vehicle. For years now CPP has offered Viking Double Adjustable Shocks to compliment other classic car and truck suspension upgrades. Now there’s a new shock in town, Viking Berserker Series Triple Adjustable Shocks. They are a direct replacement or upgrade from the double adjustable units, but are they worth it for your application?

In the above video, CPP lead engineer Danny Nix talks about the features and benefits of the new Triple Adjustable Shocks. What is the third adjustment? When would you want to use a third level of adjustment? How easy is it to adjust? All these questions and more are answered.

Another question you might ask is how tough is it to install a set of triple adjustable coilover shocks? For that, check out the video below where Lead R&D Jason Scudellari installs a set on the front and rear of our 1970 C10.

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