New on the scene is CPP’s Adjustable Power Steering Flow Valve for GM Type II pumps. This easy to install valve can be adjusted to allow a wide range of flow rates to the steering gear box. What does that mean for the end user? With a twist of a knob the steering assist can go from “one finger” turning when cruising around town to near manual steering feel for performance driving.

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In the video, Jason Scudellari shows how easy it is to install and adjust one of these valves. In the past, the only way power steering flow could be adjusted was physically changing the fitting on the pump. Now, CPP’s adjustable flow valve allows the installation of one valve that covers the widest range of flow possible.

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CPP Adjustable Power Steering Flow Valve (#90400) Instructions

This valve has 10 clicks of adjustment which can change fluid flow from 0.25 gallons per minute up to 3.5 gallons per minute on GM Type II power steering pumps.

Begin by removing the old flow valve from the power steering pump.

If the banjo fitting is removed for any reason, make sure to lubricate the O-rings with quality power-steering fluid before assembling.

Install the valve into the pump making sure to clock the outlet in the desired orientation.

The valve was designed to be compatible with remote reservoirs or factory-style pump-mounted reservoirs as shown. Pre-production raw finish valve used in photo for visual clarity only. 

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