If you don’t know about CPP’s award-winning EZ Return Fittings, you’re missing out. These rivet-style fittings are invaluable when it comes to adding a high or low pressure return to any system. They are easy to install and can withstand well over 100 psi without leaking. This makes them great for use in EFI, power steering, cooling systems and more.

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After CPP released the original -6AN size with resounding success, it was clear that more sizes were needed. Since then, the line has expanded to include -6AN, -8AN and -10AN with multiple ORB and NPT fitting options. You can check out all the options here on CPP’s website or talk to a sales rep at (800)-522-5004 about which option is best for you.

Watch the video above for a short demonstration on how easy the fittings are to install. CPP R&D Lead Jason Scudellari walks through installing both -8AN and -10AN sizes. All the fittings install by simply drilling the proper-sized hole, inserting the fitting, then tightening the provided bolt until it creates a rivet-style seal on the inside. Then, just remove the bolt and install your desired ORB or NPT fitting and you’re good to go.

If videos aren’t your thing, just click the link below to read the complete installation instructions.

Universal Fuel Tank Return Fittings Instructions

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