Experience the future of performance today with our New CPP Mustang II Front Suspension Kit for 1965-79 F-100 / F-150 Fords. This bolt-on Mustang II Ford Front Suspension Kit has a totally different take on Mustang II and was specifically designed for a clean look and a hassle-free installation with no welding involved.

Crafted with precision engineering, the CPP Mustang II Ford F-100/F-150 Front Suspension Kit is tailored for to provide uncompromised performance, durability, and unparalleled driving comfort. This will ride and drive better than the original Twin I-Beam Truck Suspension by providing you with a smooth ride, better tire wear, and a better steering feel.

This kit is structured to give you the choice to upgrade and add on the suspension performance products you want to get you the best ride for your vehicle. With this kit it’s easy to convert to late model LS or LT engines by adding on one of our CPP Adjustable FitRite Series Engine Mounts which work with Ford FE V8, LS V8, LT V8 and Duramax V8 engines. Want to run larger wheels and bigger brakes? Upgrade this kit to our stock or drop Corvette Style Mustang II Spindle and Hub Brake Kits that have an adjustable track width.

– Brand new manual or power rack and pinion
– Stock or Drop Spindle Options
– 3/4” Solid Sway Bar with Billet Mounts
– 11 ¾” Mustang II Performance Disc Brake Package
– Black Powder Coated Tubular Control Arms

– CPP Tubular Transmission designed to fit both GM and Ford transmissions.
– Coil Over Springs and Shocks
– 13” Mustang II Corvette Style Spindle and Hub Brake Kit
– Adjustable Upper Tubular Control Arms

Want to know more? Shop CPP’s Mustang II IFS Kits online or talk to a sales rep at (866)882-4131.

Order yours today and experience superior handling and control with precision-tuned components that provide maximum stability and responsiveness on the road. Built to last, our high quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure long-lasting performance and reliability, even under the most demanding conditions.

Corvette Spindle, Hubs and Brakes for Mustang II Suspension
CPP’s Mustang II Steering Brake and Suspension Options
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