In this video, Jason Scudellari unboxes the all-new Classic Fit Premium Steering Columns for 1957 Chevy. These new tilt-columns are based on our Premium Universal Tilt Columns but are a direct fit for ’57 Chevys (’55 and ’56 Chevy Classic Fit Premium Columns coming soon!).

What to know about the new Premium Tilt Columns:

When it comes to high-quality aftermarket steering columns, CPP’s new Classic Fit Premium Tilt Steering Columns are as good as it gets. They were designed from the ground up and feature all new 5-way tilt mechanisms with tight tolerances that give that high-quality performance drivers want. Likewise, the shift handle and collar have positive shift points with no excess play.

These Premium Steering Columns also feature new turn signals and neutral safety switches that are top notch and designed to enhance your steering experience. CPP’s new Premium Steering Columns are for CPP’s Classic Fit™ series that are direct bolt-ins and currently available for 1967 to 1972 GM trucks and ’57 Chevys with many more applications on the way. CPP’s new Premium Universal Fit Columns are offered in 28”, 30”, 32”, and 33” that can bolt-in to fit just about any classic car or truck with column shift and floor shift varieties available.

Those with the column shift option come with light up gear position indicators for both three-speed and overdrive transmissions. The choice of professional finish is yours: currently available in satin black for an OE look or a chrome finish for a little more show.

Finally, each Premium Tilt Column is shipped in sturdy suitcase-like packaging to protect them from even the roughest of delivery drivers. With zero compromise in quality, you simply can’t go wrong.

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Premium Tilt Steering Columns for 1957 Chevy Features:

  • New tighter tilt mechanism
  • New shift handle and shift collar eliminates all excess play with more positive shift points
  • New turn signal and neutral safety switch
  • New Pro Finishes available in satin black or Chrome
  • New damage-free, molded plastic shipping suitcase
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