CPP brings strength and reliability to the world of Mustang II steering and brakes

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If you are building a 1959 or older GM truck and want to bring it unto the modern age with independent front suspension (IFS) one solution you’ve probably heard of is Mustang II. In the early days, guys would grab suspension and steering parts from Ford Mustang IIs in the junkyard. Today, everyone who is anyone in the aftermarket parts industry makes a Mustang II-based IFS system for early GM trucks. Some improvements have been made here and there with better bushings, adapters for different brakes and so on, but nothing all that revolutionary. Well, in case you haven’t guessed, there’s finally some new tech entering the playing field: Corvette-Style Spindles and Hubs for Mustang II suspension from Classic Performance Product Inc. (CPP).

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With the traditional spindles and hubs found on Mustang II setups, you can only go so big on your brake, wheel and tire package before running into problems. At best, you’re likely to run into axle pin flex leading to a low brake pedal from brake pad knock-back. At worst, you might stress your spindle so much it cracks.

For some visual comparison, check out this photo of the CPP Corvette-Style spindle and hub assembly vs a traditional mustang II spindle and tapered roller bearing. The bearing in the Corvette-Style hub assembly fills the bronze portion you can see.

Most guys in lightly modified trucks used for weekend cruising won’t run into the aforementioned problems at all, and that’s great. The ones who do need to worry are the guys going over 20-inch wheels who have a habit of beating on their truck either on a canyon road or autocross. Those are the guys who will most appreciate what CPP has come up with.

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And what if you want to run some serious brakes on your classic truck (AKA something bigger than the standard 10 ¾ -inch Granada and S10 Chevy-based stoppers used on most Mustang II systems)? Again, it looks like there’s finally a solution.

Ok, enough teasing. Let’s get to everything you want to know about CPP’s new Corvette Style Spindles and Hubs for Mustang II.

The Mustang II Corvette-Style Spindles and Hubs are a direct bolt-on for most Mustang II suspension and steering systems. They also utilize the same caliper mounting points as C5 through C7 Corvettes; meaning most aftermarket Corvette big brake kits will work with this spindle and hub assembly. Another key feature in the design of this kit is the ability to adjust the individual wheel offset in three different configurations using the supplied spacers. The configurations include OE Mustang II wheel offset, negative ¼-inch per side and negative ½-inch per side.

The hubs are available in all the most popular five and six lug bolt patterns and the spindles come in standard or 2-inch drop. Additionally, the wheel bearings come pre-installed in the hub assembly so there is no need to pack the bearings or set preload.

Even better is the fact CPP didn’t price out the every-day guys. A set of these high-tech spindle and hubs start at just $329. Throw in a set of 13-inch CPP Big Brakes and that still only runs $649 total.

Now let’s walk you through the installation process. If you’ve ever removed and installed a spindle and a brake caliper before, fitting the new spindle to your Mustang II style suspension should be a breeze. We’ll skip the mundane stuff and focus on some of the details that make this setup different.

Mustang II Corvette Style Spindle and Hub Installation

1. The spindle installs like every other by attaching it to the upper and lower ball joint then the tie rod end. Once the castle nuts are tightened to spec, don’t forget to install new cotter pins.
2. At this point it is important to decide which wheel offset you desire: OE Mustang II, negative 1/4-inch per side or negative 1/2-inch per side.
3. If you are setting up the spindles and hubs in the negative 1/2-inch offset, install one spacer per hub bolt.
4. Next, if you are setting up the spindles and hubs for either negative 1/4-inch or OE offset, install the hub spacer on the back of the hub assembly.
5. Apply thread locker to the hub bolts before installation.
6. Install the hub to the spindle and tighten all three bolts to spec.
7. Next, if you intend to set up the spindle and hub for an OE wheel offset, install the rotor spacer to the outer face of the hub.
8. To install the brake caliper to the spindle, first put the rotor in place and thread on two lug nuts to hold the rotor flush against the hub. Both caliper spacers will be used to mount the brake caliper, regardless of offset.
9. For an OE wheel offset, install both caliper spacers on the outside face of the spindle.
10. For negative 1/4-inch wheel offset, install one caliper spacer on the outside face of the spindle and one spacer on the back side of the spindle.
11. For negative 1/2-inch wheel offset, install both caliper spacers on the back side of the spindle.
12. Proceed to finish the installation of your chosen Corvette big brake kit on your Mustang II Corvette-Style Spindle and Hub Assembly.
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