What started life as a fully-restored 1967 Chevelle SS 396 is now a Pro Touring beast. It’s got a 600-plus horsepower BluePrint Engines 427 ci LS in the engine bay and all the best CPP suspension underneath. Inside the Week To Wicked Chevelle it’s all about the modern luxury and amenities. Bluetooth capabilities, digital gauges and air conditioning are among some of the features that make this a serious restomod.

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But where did it all start? In 2016 it was the subject of a new build series from The Enthusiast Network (now MotorTrend Group). This was the first Week To Wicked.

The Week To Wicked Chevelle Build

Super Chevy Magazine took on the challenge of transforming a stock 1967 Chevelle SS 396 into one wicked Pro Touring monster in only 7 days! Follow through the week-long madness as the Chevelle takes on its true form.

Then, to make it more interesting, the crew will immediately hit the road for a 1000+ mile endurance test through the desert with challenges along the way.

Day One: The Teardown Begins

(See day one story here)

The team tore through day one, alleviating the Chevelle of it’s tired big-block and worn out suspension, clearing the way for a complete CPP Pro Touring Kit and more!

Day Two: Pro Touring Suspension, Brakes, and LS Power

(See day two story here)

The madness continues as the clock ticks into day two. The Pro Touring suspension and big brakes from CPP find their new home. A 615 horsepower 427 ci LS from BluePrint Engines also makes its way into the 1967 Chevy as the Week To Wicked Chevelle starts to transform.

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Day Three: Drivetrain Wrap-Up and New Wheels

(See day three story here)

Stuck on a lift for a few days now, the Week To Wicked Chevelle hopes to get grounded as day three arrives in full force. CPP’s LS Swap Kit helped mate the LS and trans to the Chevelle. Time to wrap up the drivetrain and get ready for a set of American Legend Wheels wrapped in Falken tires.

Day Four: A Week’s Worth of Wiring in One Day

(See day four story here)

The Chevelle has landed, but more work is in store for day four. Painless Performance attempts a week of wiring in one day, while CPP finishes off the fuel system and preps the dash for the steering column.

Day Five: Steering, Gauges, and Exhaust

(See day five story here)

Day five is in full steam. The CPP team puts the steering column in place, the gauges go digital, and the exhaust gets hung. Is the crew too burnt out for a burn out? Of course not!

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1967 Chevelle Road Trip

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Photos courtesy of Super Chevy

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