Quarantine Cruise lead photo
CPP Project Car ’55 Revive at Quarantine Cruise 7

Started back in the height of a global pandemic, the Quarantine Cruise was a place for a couple dozen hot rod and classic car enthusiasts to “get together” in a safe and responsible manner. It was the first glimpse most of them had, myself included, of faces other than those in their own homes. It was everything we all love about this hobby, but accentuated by a month of near total social isolation beforehand.

Word got out. Quick. What started as 20 to 30 cars driving down Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Huntington Beach, California turned into a couple-hundred cars two weeks later and almost 1,000 for the third outing. Since then, Quarantine Cruise has routinely drawn over 2,000 cars and countless onlookers with the seventh event, QC7, following suit. @week2wickedjason, @hektattoo, and @ken can be blamed for the event’s success.  

For the first time in Quarantine Cruise’s five-month history, the initial meeting location for QC7 was in Long Beach, California with plans to drive PCH south through Huntington Beach. I decided to show up and snap some photos at the initial meeting place for your entertainment and my own. And, to make things a little more exciting, I drove CPP’s 1955 Chevy Bel Air project car we call ’55 Revive. I was busy snapping photos when the first group of classic cars and hot rods headed out for the cruise. It was only minutes before the whole parking lot jammed up with cars trying to leave which, in turn, left me and ’55 Revive stuck for the next 45 minutes. On the bright side, that just gave me more time to continue taking pictures of all the rad rides in attendance.

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