For Quarantine Cruise 10 It was Time to Give Back

This time around, all the best aspects of our favorite cruise were accounted for but with an added bonus: a toy drive. With the holidays just around the corner, Quarantine Cruise 10 offered a little more meaning than your average Sunday morning car cruise.

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By 7am, classic cars and trucks were already lining up at SoCo & The OC Mix in Costa Mesa, California to drop off toys. Then from 8am until 10am the rush began. Hundreds of vehicles wound their way through the parking lot ending next to a huge box truck ready to be loaded with toys.

The donations would be supporting Spark of Love Toy Drive as well as filling a handful of toy collection bins at SoCo & The OC Mix.

Although the priority of the morning was collecting toys for the less fortunate, an added bonus was a top-notch rolling car show. No surprise, seeing it’s still the Quarantine Cruise.

Once participants dropped off their toys they were handed information on the route and ending location. The cruise would take them down Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and up the 55 freeway to Flight at Tustin Legacy.

This new ending location offered a modern backdrop that soon filled with all kinds of hot rods and muscle cars.

Words can only do so much to describe an event like this, that’s why we’re relying on a good old fashioned photo gallery to tell the rest of the story. We put together 100 photos from Quarantine Cruise 10 for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, and don’t forget to go follow the guys that put on this awesome car cruise: @weektowickedjason, @hektattoo, @classicsdaily, and @keystoneautomotiveoperations.

The Toy Drive

Ending Location: Flight at Tustin Legacy

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