There are a lot of antisway bars out on the market these days. With competition hot, CPP recently upped the ante with a new line of racey-looking rear sway bar.

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Made to clear even the largest of aftermarket rearend housings like the Currie Fabricated 9-Inch, CPP’s High Clearance Adjustable Rear Sway Bar is the perfect addition to any performance-oriented muscle car. As the name implies, it’s design gives you the most clearance possible from both the rearend housing and the ground. It’s also adjustable, with three different stiffness settings.

Although the process is very similar for other applications, this bar we’re installing here (PN: 6267ARSBK-125) is for 1962 through 1967 Nova. We also chose to upgrade to the billet clamps for an even nicer look.

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  1. This sway bar specifically fits 1962 through 1967 Novas but CPP does have rear sway bars for C10 trucks as well.

  2. So glad you like it! Thanks for the feedback.

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