Exhaust kits for muscle cars and hot rods are great, and a lot of time they work just fine. But, when a car or truck has been modified extensively, an off-the-shelf exhaust system sometimes doesn’t quite cut it. When we decided it was time to have a custom exhaust made for our 1967 Nova, we knew right where to go.

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Running on open headers, we loaded the 1967 Nova on the trailer and headed down the street to see The Muffler Man.

Welding up the custom exhaust for the 1967 Nova

Located in Placentia, California, The Muffler Man is a great option for custom exhaust systems for anyone in the Southern California area. They’ll do everything from custom headers to full systems. They even make their own hand-welded mufflers.

Building A High-Quality Custom Exhaust

In less than a day, The Muffler Man fabricated a complete exhaust for our LS3 Powered Nova. The system started at CPP’s Center Dump Cast Iron LS Exhaust Manifold. From there, the system was built to stay nice and tight to the underbody for maximum ground clearance. All mandrel-bent, high-quality stainless steel was used for long term durability.

Hand made mufflers for custom exhaust from The Muffler Man

One of the more notable aspects of The Muffler Man’s offerings are those hand-made mufflers. Over the years they have developed a proprietary design that incorporates a straight through, spiral louver core. A built-in chamber within the muffler helps to keep the noise down inside the car while at cruising speeds.

As you might expect, there’s only so much words can do to describe the exhaust on a vehicle. For the full experience, make sure you watch the video above. Stay tuned to the end to really hear that LS3 shriek as Jason Scudellari gives it the beans under an overpass. It was pretty great.

1967 Nova getting custom exhaust from The Muffler Man
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