Whether they are just saying hi or swinging by will-call for their parts (usually the later), we appreciate it when customers show up in their classic cars and trucks. It’s just plain fun to see something out in public other than a mid-size SUV or Prius. Usually, the older vehicles that show up are the daily-driver type, which is awesome. This time though, it was a pristine Madeira Maroon 1967 Camaro fresh from a restoration.

Madeira Maroon 1967 Camaro hood and frontend

Mike Grillo of Tustin, California is the owner of this like-new ’67 Camaro. In fact, he’s been the owner of this exact car since 1982! He bought the Camaro from a family member who’d given it a full street rod treatment. So when Mike showed up to his junior year of high school, you know a loud and flashy ‘60s pony car was sure to turn some heads.

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For the next decade, Mike continued to have fun with the Camaro, but then life happened. In 1994 he parked the Chevy in his garage and that is where it sat for the next 23 years. We asked Mike, “What took so long?” but with a little kinder verbiage. His answer was simply money. You probably know as well as we do that owning—and especially building or restoring—classic cars is not the cheapest of hobbies.

Madeira Maroon 1967 Camaro Undergoes Restoration

Finally, in 2017, Mike had the funds to bring the car back to life again. The end result was everything he’d ever wanted for the car. Maybe it was just that warm, golden hour sun, but from our perspective, the paint on the Madeira Maroon 1967 Camaro was outstanding.

327 ci small-block Chevy in Madeira Maroon 1967 Camaro

Under the hood is a re-worked but numbers-matching Turbo Fire 327 ci V8. Behind the small-block Chevy is the coveted Muncie four-speed manual—also original to the car. Even the trim pieces were the originals. But, being the aftermarket enthusiasts we are, we did notice a modern A/C compressor feeding cold air into the cabin. Also, a CPP master cylinder kit was mounted to the firewall to give the Madeira Maroon 1967 Camaro reliable braking.

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