CPP’s HydraStop is a hydraulic power assist system that has been a staple in the classic car industry for almost a decade. But, just because it’s been atop our minds for a while, doesn’t mean everyone else knows about it. To try and get the word out there, we teamed up with MotorTrend and HOT ROD Magazine to do an “Unboxing Video.” The goal was to tell people everything they should know about the HydraStop.

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MotorTrend Tech Center Manager Jason Scudellari used his years working with the HydraStop system to lay it all out there. He described what draws most people to the HydraStop in the first place, how it works, and even gives his first-hand experience driving HydraStop-equipped cars.

Learn More About CPP’s HydraStop Hydraulic Power Assist System

Whether you’re all new to the HydraStop or just want to learn a little more about it, this quick video should be just what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

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