F100 Disc Brakes and Spindles Upgrade

You may be a purist at heart—and bless that heart of yours if so—but no matter what your beliefs are when it comes to vintage truck mechanicals such as brakes, if you live and drive in any metropolitan area where there’s more than just one major intersection slash stop sign, and you still drive a four-wheel drum-brake equipped pickup—bless more than just that heart of yours! It’s time to rethink those basic principles and step your brake game up a notch with F100 disc brake spindles!

CPP's F100 Disc Brake Spindle kit is an key brake upgrade for 1965 to 1972 Ford Trucks

When it comes to the mid-‘60s generation of Ford F100s, twin I-beam owners can rejoice if they’re ready and willing to upgrade their choice of front brakes thanks to Classic Performance Products. CPP manufactures two F100 disc brake spindle upgrade options for the ’65-72 half-tons. One is an OE Stock Spindle with integrated caliper mount. It uses all-new cast ductile iron, not repurposed ’73-79 disc brake spindles. Another is their Modular Spindle with bolt-on mounts that allow the use of either 12- or 13-inch brake packages. The OE reproduction spindle uses a reproduction 12-inch Ford brake package.

Both come with new king pins and bushings pre-installed. Yes, you don’t have to worry about finding a reamer, let alone using one! This makes installation much easier than it used to be, not to mention ensuring your truck is equipped with safer, more efficient front brakes.

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It’s been some time since I’ve messed around with early Ford axles. The following “dual-purpose” install of CPP’s F100 disc brake spindles actually served as a nice refresher course for myself as well!

Side Note On Upgrading To F100 Disc Brake Spindles

If you’re looking for the extreme king pin spindle and brake performance upgrade for your ’65-72 F100, CPP is about to release their latest offering of Modular dropped spindles: the F-Drop Modular Spindle. It’s the aftermarket’s first ever two-piece modular design 2-inch drop king pin spindle for the F100 twin I-beam!

Want to know more? Read the full install story from Classic Truck Performance!

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