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The 1967 to 1972 Ford F100 trucks are all the rage these days. At least it feels like it in our industry. They use to be the cheaper alternative to the more popular Chevy C10 trucks. While they are still a little more affordable than their Chevy counterparts, the Ford F100s are starting to pull their weight.

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All we could see was potential when Jeff Kugel of Kugel Konponents in La Habra, California stopped by the CPP in his bone stock 1967 Ford F100. While standing next to the truck chatting, Jeff told us he’s owned the little black short bed for a year and a half now. He has enjoyed using it to run around town; the truck is a true daily driver.

Jeff’s 1967 Ford F100 is mostly stock and powered by a 352 ci Ford FE engine. Behind it, an equally old-school three-speed manual transmission sends power rearward. The black paint is from a 1980s re-spray and shows signs of its age. According to Jeff, the imperfect paint is just fine for its daily driver duties. Although he’s left mostly everything in “as-is” condition, Jeff did make it a priority to freshen up the interior a bit.

1967 Ford 100 Ready For Modifications

The 1967 F100 is ripe for modifications—at least that would be our opinion. Jeff, on the other hand, is enjoying driving the truck in stock form. I fact, he enjoys it so much, it’s on the bottom of his list of vehicles to build. But at least it’s on the list, right?

At some point, Jeff plans to modernize the truck with better suspension and braking components. His build will definitely include some CPP goodies, like a master cylinder kit and Mustang II-style power steering. We can’t wait to see how the truck turns out!

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