CPP’s X10 spindle is the latest development for the ever-growing C10 Chevy truck market. When big brakes and wheels are the goal, the new X10 spindle is the answer.

Big brakes and even bigger wheel and tire combos are arguably among the most popular upgrades in the classic truck market. Filling those massive wheel openings with an appropriately sized roller while upgrading the rather anemic braking system makes a ton of sense, after all. Be it an aesthetic upgrade or a more performance-based option, there’s no arguing the popularity of these modifications.

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But, what happens when a stock spindle and its bearings, designed for a drum brake and a 15-inch steel wheel and tire, are subjected to the rotating mass, inertia, and torque of a 14-inch disc brake and accompanying 20-inch aluminum wheel?

CPP X10 Spindles

Classic Performance Products (CPP) are purveyors of both modern spindle designs as well as big brake offerings. It’s no surprise, then, that CPP recognized this situation and sought to develop a solution. They’ve had a proven design in their Modular drop spindle for years. But, as the brake kits and wheel/tire combos grew larger, they started to turn their attention to developing a more modern spindle and bearing design. Enter the X10 Spindle.

Check out the video above to watch Classic Truck Performance contributor Ryan Manson go over the X10 Spindle in detail. He gives all the tips and tricks you need to know when installing them on your own C10 Chevy truck.

Want to see even more? Check out the full article on the X10 spindles from our friends over at Classic Truck Performance!

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