Pickup trucks. Back in the day they were just work horses destined for lives of abuse. Whether they were a farm truck hauling hay or a 4X4 that could get you through a winter storm. Now though, classic trucks have taken a turn and are starting to serve a completely new purpose. Like this Chevy C10 stepside, old short bed pickups have become cheap(er) alternatives to pricy(er) ‘60s and ‘70s muscle cars. Raymond is taking his 1969 C10 one step further and turning it into a truck dedicated for the track.

Raymond cruised the Chevy pickup from his home in Wittier, California over to CPP the other day. Unlike past Cruise By CPP features, he wasn’t just picking up one or two parts. Raymond was making use of the pickup’s inherent strengths, loading up the Chevy C10 stepside with a bed load of CPP goodies. From a big brake kit front and rear to adjustable coil over conversion system, if it involved the chassis and suspension, he was getting it.

Chevy C10 Stepside Build Plans

The plan for the truck was to turn it into a solid Pro Touring short bed that would look good at shows and take abuse on the track. The current 383 ci small-block Chevy under the hood certainly sounded the part, but Raymond needed more. Awaiting the Chevy C10 stepside was a 6.0L LS and six-speed TREMEC T-56 transmission.

Chevy C10 Stepside loaded with CPP parts

Along with more power and better gear selection, he also has plans to tub the rear to make room for more tire. Speaking of which, the 1969 C10 will have the option of two sets of wheels and tires—one for show and one for go. Although, Raymond has yet to decide exactly which wheels and tires. (**Shameless plug** May we suggest a set of American Legends?)

Once it’s all said and done, he hopes to get the truck out to LS Fest in Las Vegas, Nevada next year. With a road course, drag strip, and autocross, it should be the perfect proving ground.

If you’re in the area, Cruise By CPP with your classic car or truck for a chance to get a feature here on teamcpp.com and our social media pages!

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