When it comes to finding a cheap truck for running around town in, there’s nothing with as much style-per-dollar than a patina’d ranch truck from the mid ‘60s. Who would have thought that old hay-hauling pickups like Steve Stoker’s 1965 C10 longbed would turn into such trendy daily drivers?

Patina on old 1965 C10 longbed pickup tailgate

Now, to be clear, we use the term “trendy” in the best way possible. We’re not talking trendy like middle-school girls doing hip-hop dances on Tik Tok. We’re thinking more along the lines of striking up conversations with fellow gear heads at the local 76 station.

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When that’s the game, there’s just nothing that can touch the cool factor of Steve’s patina’d 1965 C10 longbed. Did we mention he bought it for just $600 bucks?

Steve is a classic car and truck builder—both by hobby and by trade—working out of his home garage in Chino, California. He picked up this standout C10 Chevy about four years ago from a friend of his. The friend reportedly bought the truck for 2,000 bucks five years ago. It might be hard to read on the doors, but in its previous life it was the hay hauler at a place called Happy Ranch in Palmdale, CA.

1965 C10 longbed rear view and bed

When Steve took possession of the longbed pickup, it had been sitting a while. Whether or not it would run was anybody’s guess. He already had plans to do a cheap 5.3L LS swap, but decided he might as well see if it would run as is. To his surprise, it took very little effort to coax the 298 ci inline six-cylinder back to life.

1965 C10 Longbed On Daily Driver Duty

Since the straight six and granny-geared four-speed seemed happy enough to keep on truckin’, Steve decided to indulge. He slapped on a set of CPP lowering springs and an adjustable track bar to get the stance right. Then he just started driving it.

From running around town to Saturdays at the swap meet, Steve’s 1965 C10 longbed gets it done. Yeah, he could have gone the LS route and made it into a little more of a modern hot rod truck. But sometimes it’s more fun to enjoy an old ranch-hand pickup truck for what it is. It’s a sentiment that only becomes more true when you realize that after four years of daily-driver duties, all Steve has in the truck is $1,800.

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