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These days, a 1964 Impala convertible can be seen all over. In the lowrider scene, a ’64 Impala is an absolute icon. But when was the last time you saw one in stock form that was almost entirely original? Thanks to Paul Sandoval of Bellflower, California, now you have.

Paul found this gem of a 1964 Impala convertible for sale across the country in Pennsylvania back in 2019. It was in pristine and original condition, only receiving a single respray for the first time a couple years prior. That beautiful interior was even all original.

It didn’t take much to convince Paul he had to have it. In fact, a 1964 Impala convertible was a car his daughter had always dreamed of, so he actually bought it for her!

Side Profile of 1964 Impala Convertible

Massaging An Original 1964 Impala Convertible

Paul made only a few changes since bringing the Chevy home to Southern California. The biggest change was converting it to disc brakes in the front for a little added safety for his daughter. The other change wasn’t really a change as much as it was maintenance. Paul rebuilt the little 283 ci small-block Chevy under the hood to make sure it would be nice and reliable.

Other than that, the ’64 is still sporting its original two-speed powerglide and stock rearened. The way it leaned heavily to one side when Paul got in it makes us think it’s still rocking (pun intended) the factory coil springs as well.

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Whether you’re into ’64 Impalas or not, you still have to appreciate seeing a 56-year-old Chevy in such good condition. Check out all the photos below along with a short clip of the Chevy idling through our parking lot here in Placentia, California. This 1964 Impala convertible is a true time machine.

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