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A few years back, we had a stock 1955 Chevy sitting around at CPP. It wasn’t full-on show quality, but it was still an attractive little Tri-Five. When the guys from Street Rodder magazine approached us about doing a 1955 Chevy build, we knew just the car. We would call it ’55 Revive.

Project 55 revive lead photo

Street Rodder Magazine covered the build of our own 1955 Bel-Air. Our stock Tri-Five Chevy got a huge makeover starting with a new GM LS3 Connect & Cruise drivetrain package and then, wanting to take it to the next level, we added all of CPP’s finest steering, brakes, and suspension components. Once completed, we took it on the ultimate road trip: 2000+ miles straight to Louisville, Kentucky for the Street Rod Nationals and then to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the Danchuk Tri-Five nationals!

Our project ’55 Revive has been on the road ever since, with even more cross-country road trips and drives to some of our favorite shows. In the past four years, our 1955 Bel Air has clocked 20,000-miles and counting!

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Find all the build stories Street Rodder published by checking out our full build page on project ’55 Revive! And if you want to see even more, check out #55revive on Instagram to see what our Tri-Five Chevy has been up to since it was put together back in 2016.


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